JE Parker (Jim) Custom Knives

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Jim in Churchill, Manitoba
Waiting on the perfect shot of a polar bear!

This is Jim's favorite knive.(At least until he makes a new design)

Sanmi damascus with Stabalized Giraffe shin bone
Custom Sheath

Engraving by Bruce Shaw--Price is $475.00

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Jim Parker Custom Knives


I began making knives part time in 1990 while I was on the force as a PA state policeman.  My 1994 retirement allowed me to become a full time maker, as well as spend more time at my other interest that of a professional wildlife photographer.{Picture of Jumping Mt. Lion}

I offer a variety of knives from hunters to fancy folders. The steel I use the most is 440-c or ATS-34 with the fancier knives done in damascus steel from the BEST forgers in the country in a variety of patterns.

I can customize a knife to your personal taste by adding file work, exotic handle material such as mother of pearl, fossil walrus ivory mastodon ivory, stag or a variety of exotic woods.  My knives are all supplied with a hand sewn custom leather sheath made by my wife.


I am a member of the Professional Knife Makers Association and my knives have been pictured in a number of different knife publications.


I have a saying Theres no reason a good working knife cant also be a work of art.


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You can e-mail us at:

Jim Parker, 11 Domenica Cr. , Clarion, PA. 16214